Ferrets for Rehoming

Traditionally ferrets are used by humans for hunting rabbits and most people do not realise what delightful pets they can be. They are intelligent and lots of fun, they can be trained to walk on a harness and lead and to come when called, and if properly handled are very affectionate. They love running through pipes, hiding in hammocks and playing with water. 

However, they do need lots of space and attention; they are best suited to living outdoors in a safe run with protection against the elements.  Ferrets prefer to live in an outdoor run with a well-bedded weather proof cosy hutch or shed to sleep in and need lots of room to run and climb. As they are great escape artists they need a sturdy enclosure wired to prevent them from chewing their way out and with a secure safety corridor.  

Ferrets love to play with their humans but do also need friends of their own kind, therefore we will only home them to be companions to existing pets or in pairs or groups. We are happy to offer advice on caring for ferrets and suggest that you visit the Sanctuary to see our ferret enclosures before you build or buy a home for your ferret.