Help Support Our Hedgehogs

Help Support Our Hedgehogs

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HELP OUR Hedgehogs

Baby hedgehog asleep

Throughout the year we care for injured, underweight and young hedgehogs. During the spring/summer we see on average 5 hoglets a day. Either abandoned by their mother or injured by humans/other animals. During Autumn/Winter, we take in up to 10 underweight adults a day who have not been able to get enough food to safely hibernate. 

2019 was our toughest year yet for Hedgehogs as we received a record breaking amount of almost 500.

Due to weather changes from climate change, hedgehogs remain active later in the year resulting in late autumn/winter litters. Young underweight juveniles need extra special attention around winter as they will not survive the cold and their little bodies cannot deal with the health issues an adult or decent size hedgehog (600g+) would usually deal with in the wild.

Baby hedgehog being hand fed

Our dedicated team work around the clock to feed, clean and medicate all these animals every single day. It's hard but rewarding work and we need you to help these hedgehogs get through this!

Please help us either by giving generously, donating much needed items or volunteering with us. Thank you.