Sponsor Maverick the rescue alpaca

Sponsor Maverick the rescue alpaca

Our Price:  £10.00

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Sponsor Maverick

PACT animal charity will, where possible, dispatch sponsorship packs in time for the dates requested but please order as early as possible.

For as little as £10.00 a year, you can sponsor Maverick the alpaca.

Sponsor an animal and help us with our day to day work. You will also be able to come and visit this UK sanctuary on open days or by appointment and meet Maverick.

Adopting an animal makes an ideal present for an animal loving friend for birthday gift, Christmas gift, and many other occasion, or just to say thank you.  Sponsorship makes an ideal gift for a Secret Santa or a Christmas gift. 

Sponsor Angus the rescue horse

Sponsor Angus the rescue horse£10.00

Sponsor Ant the Goat

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Sponsor Gavin the Rescue Cat

Sponsor Gavin the Rescue Cat£10.00

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Sponsor rescued wildlife£10.00

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Sponsor Tosh the rescue dog£10.00