Sponsor Buddy

Sponsor Buddy

Our Price:  £15.00

He is a chestnut Miniature Shetland Pony gelding, who is around 9hh which equivalates to around 36-38inches.

Buddy came to live at PACT in December 2021. He was estimated by our large animal vet to be around 8 years old (born in the year 2015) - did you know you can estimate a horses age by looking at their teeth!?

Buddy came to us with very little past history, his owner who relinquished him to us only had him for 2-3weeks. She had rehomed him from a Facebook advert as she felt sorry for him and didn't want him to end up in the wrong hands. She had very little knowledge and experience in caring for equines.

Buddy was living in her very small garden and after realising she couldn't give him the care he needed, contacted us to ask for help in offering a safe rescue space at the sanctuary.

Buddy is a very friendly boy with a typical cheeky little pony attitude. He is very easy going and gets on with all of our other horses as well. He is generally a very well behaved pony and a pleasure to be around.

If you sponsor Buddy you will get regular updates on his adventures at the sanctuary as well as chances to meet him at the sanctuary.

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