Around The Sanctuary

A group of rescue bantam chickens Three cockatiels on a perch

Feathered Friends

Did you know we have an aviary full of Cockatiel’s and a coop full of chickens looking for homes? 

We just ask that they go to loving homes with big aviaries/enclosures so they can spread their wings and carry out their natural behaviours (not breeding). We also rehome our domestic geese, peacocks and ducks.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A happy rescue pig in his mud wallow  Two rescue sheep in the grass

Our Sheep & Pigs

The majority of our 40 sheep were from a RSPCA neglect case in 2019, our other sheep are from trading standards or have been relinquished by people keeping them as pets. We also have 20 pigs who bring so much joy to the staff as they all have such unique personalities. We have a mix of Kune Kune’s, Pot Bellies and of course the large whites. All are rescued from breeders, meat farms, have escaped from the transport lorries on the way to slaughter or have been relinquished as unwanted pets.