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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Visitors: We are sad to advise that due to the risks of Covid-19 we have decided to close the sanctuary to visitors and group visits. Rehoming is by appointment only.

Volunteers: Thank you for your help, unfortunately due to updated Government safety rulings, we can not have any volunteers on site until the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. Please keep an eye on our online media platforms for further updates. 

We wish all our friends and supporters well - keep safe!
If you have any questions please ring the office on 01362 820775 

We are desperate for any donations through this uncertain time.
Please click this link if you can help!

Donations and Sponsorships
Sponsor Princess the pig

Sponsor Princess the pig£10.00

Sponsor Eeyore the donkey

Sponsor Eeyore the donkey£10.00

Help a Rescue Kitten

Help a Rescue Kitten£5.00

PACT Mission

PACT animal sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates, and where possible re-homes, neglected, injured and abandoned animals. Their specialty is 'problem animals', victims of physical or mental abuse, they are coaxed back to health, overcoming their behavioral distress, and restoring their dignity. In most cases these poor creatures would have had no option other than euthanasia. There are more than 1600 animals/birds being cared for at the sanctuary.

PACT has never and would never share information about their supporters with any 3rd party.