How to rehome

How to make a successful application for rehoming:

To make our lives easier and our potential rehomers lives easier we have put together what we expect and need of your application.
Without all the information your application hits the bottom of the pile.
Your email MUST include-
◾ Full Name
◾ Contact Details
◾ Full Address
◾ Who you are interested in
◾ A bit about yourself and your lifestyle
◾ Other pets? Include what they are -ages, are they neutered? vaccinated?
◾ Children? how old are they?

◾ Small animal rehomers - We need photos of your enclosure and full measurements
◾ Cat/Dog rehomers- if shortlisted we will ask you for photos to enable us to do a virtual homecheck, we will need photos of your road from the front of your house, inside your property and garden so we can do a virtual rehoming
(Fence height is important for those looking to rehome a dog, Our minimum fence height is 6FT. 4ft with trellis is accepted)
All rehoming emails must come via only.

Our goal is to get every animal a home they deserve, please do bare with us rehoming is not a quick process and we get hundreds of emails so it takes time going through them, please remember more information is better it helps us get to know you and see if you could fit the animal.
We thank everyone who has been patient with us, lets get these animals a wonderful forever home!
Our office team are extremely busy so please be patient and keep in mind replies may take up to 7 working days.