Guinea pig requirements

Guinea pig requirements

Thank you for being interested in giving one of our guinea pigs a loving home! Please see our requirements below.

We recommend housing Guinea pigs either indoors year round or in a duo setup comprising of both indoor and outdoor enclosures. Outdoor setups may be used in the warm summer months, but they should be brought inside should the temperature drop below 15 degrees Celsius. 

Outdoor setups will require protection from the sun, rain and wind, indoor setups should be away from direct heat sources and drafts.

GPAW (Guinea pig awareness week) recommend a minimum space of 1.5m x 1m for pairs, groups will require a much larger space.

Setups should include cosy beds, non slip flooring, toys and tunnels for enrichment plus eating and toileting areas. Any ramps should be non slip and include safety edges to prevent falls.

We advise against using wood shavings as these can cause respiratory issues and absorb much needed oils that they need to keep their coats in top condition. For outdoor setups we recommend using a thick layer of meadow hay. For indoor setups we recommend a non slip floor with cosy fleece blankets beneath hides. Purpose made fleece liners can be readily found online. This is one example

Guinea pigs tend to go to the toilet where they eat, so providing a shallow kitten litter tray lined with absorbent bedding and topped with a generous amount of hay will help keep their enclosure mess free and make cleaning easier. They also love to burrow under the hay!

Information on setting up an appropriate and enriching home for your guinea pigs can be found on the GPAW website here

  • Guinea pigs are not suitable to live in solitary, therefore, we only rehome guinea pigs to live in pairs or more.
  • We do not rehome male guinea pigs to live with other males unless they have been brought up together and have shown no dominance whilst at the sanctuary.
  • All existing male guinea pigs in the home must be neutered. If you have a lone male we would only be comfortable rehoming a female guinea pig to you as long as your male is neutered. 

Rehoming fees: All costs are a minimum requested donation. This is to help cover our costs. All males are castrated before rehoming. We do not spay our females unless medically necessary.
Guinea Pigs £20.00

Outdoor Guinea Pig enclosure examples


Indoor guinea pig enclosure examples


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