Rabbits For Rehoming

If you are interested in a particular animal please check that the animal can be viewed and is still available before you travel.

PACT always has at least 80 rabbits looking for new homes. All too often we hear of rabbits bought from pet shops turning out to be opposite sex to what they wanted, or worse pregnant. We urge anyone who's interested in becoming a bunny parent to come to rescues, we are always inundated with Rabbits and the waiting list for intakes is a never ending list. 

All our rabbits are vaccinated, neutered, and mostly paired as rabbits do need friends of their own species, however we do keep just a few single rabbits of both sexes for people who are looking for a companion to an existing pet.

When coming to pact to pick your future bunny family member we ask that you look at our set up and try to recreate it, we love walk in enclosures which not only benefits the rabbit but you too meaning you can spend lots of time bonding with your rabbits in their enclosure and they have enough space to meet all their natural requirements. 

When visiting PACT’S rabbit section you will receive a pack of information on how to bond/care/feed and set up your future bunnies home to benefit the rabbits needs fully. 

While these rescue rabbits await new homes at our animal shelter, PACT provides them with the care and attention they need on a day to day basis but PACT relies heavily on the support and generosity of the general public like you to make it happen.

If you would like to give a regular donation to the sanctuary please click here.

Just some of our latest arrivals


Across the internet, there are many, many of photos of rabbits being held on their backs.

Some people believe that rabbits enjoy being held this way and that it helps them relax, but this is far from true as they are a prey species and are pretending to be dead when held this way and will be extremely frightened.

Holding rabbits on their backs causes stress levels and their heart rate to increase meaning they are acting out of fear rather than enjoyment.

Repeatedly trancing your rabbit can cause long term physical and psychological issues and isn't needed even to groom your rabbits or clip their nails.

PACT is open from 12 Noon to 3.30pm Wed. Thurs. Fri. and Sat. for anyone looking for a new animal in their life. Outside of these times is appointment only please. N.B PACT is not a visitors centre.