Rabbits For Rehoming

Thank you so much for considering to give one of our rabbits a loving home.

We are constantly taking in new rabbits so if there isn't someone suitable for you at the moment, there may be in a few weeks time.

Whilst our rabbits await new homes we provide them with the care and attention they need on a day to day basis, however we rely heavily on the support and generosity of the general public like you to make it happen.

All our rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RVHD and RVHD2, treated for E.Cuniculi, neutered and microchipped.
We always try and have bonded pairs as well as a few singles of both sexes for people who are looking for a companion for their existing rabbit.

If you have applied for one of our animals can you please check your inbox and junk folder regularly. Our emails occasionally go into the junk folder. 

For rehoming, please see How to Rehome an Animal


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PACT Rabbit Bonding Service

We know how stressful and time consuming bonding rabbits can be. It can be a very straight forward and pleasant process, but sometimes it is the complete opposite. Rabbits may look cute and fluffy, but dependant on breed and their history, they can be little diva's and can very easily do harm to each other and us during the bonding process.

This is why we offer a bonding service if you are adopting a rabbit from us to live with your existing rabbit. There is often a waiting list and the bonding can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks, so please bare this in mind. Rabbit specialist staff are on site every day to make sure your rabbit is well cared for whilst on their little holiday with us. If you would like anymore information on our bonding service please do not hesitate to contact us.

We charge £50 for our bonding service.