Fauna & Georgie

Fauna & Georgie

Date of Birth  2020
Breed  F: Angora G: English Spot/Lop
Sex  M and F
Colour  F- Brown G-Black/White
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes



Fauna and Georgie are a beautiful bonded pair who love to snuggle together. Georgie is very confident and comes running over for treats, whereas Fauna is a little more reserved. She has been with us since she was born, but required a lot of handling when she was young as her fur was constantly getting matted, so is a little wary of people but is growing in confidence every day.

They are looking for an experienced owner who has the time to groom Fauna. She does not get matted anymore if her grooming is kept on top of and she is easy to groom.

Ideally these two need an indoor home due to how matted Fauna gets outside.