How to Help pact animals 

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Use your skills and spare time to help the animals!

Fledgling Dunnock in knitted nest Fledgling blue tit in knitted nest

Knitting: Each year we use wildlife knitted nests for fledgling birds and other small breed new-born babies to help keep them warm and safe.

Click the links below to download the patterns

Pattern 1

Pattern 2 - Mini

Pattern 3 - Small

Pattern 4 - Large

Sewing: We also need a lot of little fleece sacks and hammocks for kittens, ferrets and rodents.

Click the links below to download the instructions (with images) to make them.



Fundraising Ideas

Hold a bake sale: Make cupcakes and tasty goodies and sell them for a donation or fixed price.

Take on a challenge: Whether its running 5k, hiking up a mountain or doing 100 star jumps! Get your friends and family to sponsor you.

Sandra's Plant stall fundraising money for PACT

Our wonderful volunteer Sandra held her own stall outside her home during Covid-19. She raised a total of £3,100 by selling plants and bric-a-brac to help us finish building our rabbit village.

Our very own Charley and Alec completed 26 Tractor Tyre flips to raise money for the kennels.

If you do any fundraising for us, please be sure to let us know and send photos and information of the event to