We are open for volunteering!!

We are now ready to open back to volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering you will need to participate in a health and safety induction before hand. We hold these by appointment only.

Please contact the office on 01362 820775 to book in.

We look forwards to seeing you soon!
What kind of jobs can you expect when volunteering?
  • Dog Walking
  • Kennel Cleaning
  • Dog Socialization
  • Cat Cuddler
  • Cattery Cleaning
  • Cleaning our farm cat areas
  • Rabbit One to Ones
  • Cleaning Rabbits and Guinea Pigs out
  • Handling Guinea Pigs
  • Grooming Rabbits
  • Cleaning Ferrets
  • Handling and cleaning of small rodents
  • Cleaning out chickens and enrichment giving
  • Cleaning our large animal pens
  • Spending time with a select group of pigs and our goats
  • Cleaning out wildlife pens
  • General gardening around site
  • And so much more!

Fundraising Volunteers Needed-

  • Running Events for us
  • Setting up stalls and closing them for us


Shop Help-

Helping stock the floor

  • Working the till
  • Organising donations in the back room