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A Mutual PACT Between People and Animals
PACT has never and would never share information about their supporters with a

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PACT is open from 12 Noon to 3.30 pm Wed. Thurs. Fri. and Sat. for anyone looking for a new animal in their life. Outside of these times is appointment only please.

N.B PACT is not a visitors centre.

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People for Animal Care Trust (PACT) was established by a group of people dedicated to animal welfare, and registered as a charity in March 1995. The PACT animal sanctuary is one of the largest in East Anglia.

To relieve the suffering of animals of any species who are in need of care and attention and in particular to provide or maintain animal sanctuaries or other facilities for the reception and care of animals and the treatment of sick or ill-treated animals.

PACT is a charity that begins where other local organisations have neither the facilities nor expertise to cope.

PACT rescues, rehabilitates, and where possible re-homes, neglected, injured and abandoned animals. Their specialty is 'problem animals', victims of physical or mental abuse, they are coaxed back to health, overcoming their behavioral distress, and restoring their dignity. In most cases these poor creatures would have had no option other than euthanasia.

PACT has a strict ‘no kill' policy

To all questions, the answers must always be, 'what is best for the animals'?

Over the past sixteen years, PACT has re homed or released over 5,000 animals, and now has over 1600 resident animals at the sanctuary. Exotic birds, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Cats, Dogs, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Ponies, and Horses.

Our Work With Wildlife

Included in the 15 acres at the Sanctuary, is an area of 2.5 acres with lakes that is dedicated to wildlife. A predator proof fence has been erected so that injured wildlife, not able to survive in the wild, can be released there to live as normal a life as possible.

The PACT Animal Ambulance, sponsored by local companies, is on 24-hour call out and answers, on average, 5 emergency calls a week from the police and other people reporting animals in need. Very often these are wildlife that are attended, assessed, given immediate first aid and once stabilised taken to be cared for in the fully equipped veterinary unit at the sanctuary, where there is a full time veterinary nurse, and a vet who visits regularly.

PACT Animals Help People

To advance the education of the public in the care of animals and the preservation, improvement and protection of the habitat and environment of animals.

PACT is now accepted as one of the best environments for animal welfare training. Every year we provide work experience for over 25 students from agricultural colleges and local schools.

PACT has 16 employed animal care assistants and many volunteers, some who just love animals, and want to help our work, others are helpers experiencing health problems who come just to sit with the cats for an hour or so, or at different times to walk dogs, and still others who spend two or three days a week at the sanctuary. Working and being with the animals has proven to be an excellent aid to help people learn to cope and relate to people.

The Henry Hallam Therapy Centre

To aid the rehabilitation and improve the quality of life for socially disadvantaged and disabled people.

In 2006 the charity won a lottery grant of £50,000 to renovate a barnyard at the sanctuary to provide facilities to house friendly animals in a relaxed atmosphere. This area is dedicated for disabled people and those with emotional and learning difficulties to benefit from a sanctuary where they can interact with animals, and gain or regain confidence and self- respect without the necessity of coming into contact with many people.

The barn itself was renovated to provide a cuddle room/study facility. The smaller buildings now include, a disabled toilet, two kennels for dogs, two small stables for goats and sheep, a room for rodents, and a room which is furnished as a lounge, a cat home to older cats in which people using the sanctuary can just relax with a cat on their lap.

The Future

In 2004 the Trustees purchased the freehold of River Farm and the future for the animals is secure BUT they can only fulfill their obligation to the animals and people associated with the sanctuary with the help of the general public as the care of the animals is only financed by donations.

Planning permission was obtained for new catteries and kennels and other animal housing.Some these have been built other are on hold until kind supporters remember our animals in legacies or donate funds to make it happen.

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As we get older it always appears that the years go that much faster and they are over almost before they begin. 2017 was no exception with every day full with enquiries, intakes, rescues and many crisis.

Once again the staff performed over their capacity and went the extra mile for the animals, thus we made a difference to over 2,494 animals, domestic and wildlife. We rescued 876 domestic animals and rehomed 718  of all species.  We will have released, after rehabilitation, 792 wildlife animals including the 280 hedgehogs that are spending winter with us, and will be released if ever the warmer weather arrives. 

We currently care for over 1400 animals, hamsters to horses, budgies to peacocks. Unfortunately many of the wild animals came in after road accidents with injuries too severe for us to mend.

Through the year our veterinary staff neutered 398 animals at a fraction of the costs we would have paid to outside vets. Our animal ambulance driven by our hard working staff, attended over 640  calls  in  the year  mainly  after 5 p m, travelling over 23,000 miles.

We once again welcomed over 100 students from local schools and colleges for work experience and greeted many volunteers, many of whom came to the sanctuary for animal therapy.  We visited over 24 clubs and schools to tell them about our work. The new wildlife facility main building is in full use but we are still raising funds and working on the outside pens and aviaries.

Financial Review

PACT charity shops performed considerably better in 2017 and contributed 25% to our sanctuary costs.  Overall donations were again down by 20% but fortunately the wonderful people who had remembered the PACT animals in their wills made up the difference.