About Us

A Mutual PACT Between People and Animals

PACT was founded by Chris and George Rockingham and registered as a charity in March 1995. The PACT animal sanctuary is one of the largest in East Anglia.

PACT is a charity that begins where other local organisations have neither the facilities nor expertise to cope.

PACT rescues, rehabilitates and where possible re-homes, neglected, injured and abandoned animals. They are coaxed back to health, overcoming their behavioural distress and restoring their dignity. In most cases, these poor creatures would have had no option other than euthanasia.

To all questions, the answer must always be, 'What is best for the animals'?

We have over 1600 resident animals at the sanctuary. Exotic birds, rats, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, goats, ponies and horses.

PACT Animals Help People

To advance the education of the public in the care of animals and the preservation, improvement and protection of the habitat and environment of animals.

PACT is now accepted as one of the best environments for animal welfare training. Every year we provide work experience for over 25 students from agricultural colleges and local schools.

We are always on the look out for volunteers to help us improve the enrichment and lives of the animals in our care, but we are interested in helping you too. Working and being with animals has proven to be an excellent help to those with physical and mental health conditions.