We are 100% run by donations from supporters like you - we recieve no government funding.
We rely on you so we can be ready day and night with medical treatments, food, a safe warm shelter and love.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a real difference and help us care for animals, domestic and wildlife who need us.

Watch our videos to see how your donations help.

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Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser£5.00

Feed a Rescue Cat

Feed a Rescue Cat£5.00

Feed a Rescue Dog

Feed a Rescue Dog£5.00

Save our pond

Save our pond£5.00

Help Support Our Hedgehogs

Help Support Our Hedgehogs£5.00

Support our rabbit village

Support our rabbit village£5.00



Help a Rescue Kitten

Help a Rescue Kitten£5.00