Donation to support PACT Animal Sanctuary

Donation to support PACT Animal Sanctuary

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Sponsor a rescue chihuahua dogSponsor a rescue chihuahua dog

If you would like to give a regular donation to the sanctuary please click here.

 Please help with sanctuary costs


Please note this is an appeal so no certificate will be issued.


PACT has over 700 animals at the Wildlife Sanctuary at any one time.

 When visiting this magical place you will be greeted by geese, ducks and many other species all  going about their business.  The geese make the gestapo look tame when they are in 'Lets frighten the visitors' mode

PACT animal sanctuary has many projects in progress at any one time. From cat quarantine to repairs to field shelters. There is always something.


We  have residents and guests that have complex health problems that run up large vet bills. Our staff are underpaid, overwork and there are not enough of them!  Much of the general work, both admin and with the animals, is carried out by volunteers. Any donation given to us from a supporter is used carefully and we never tolerate waste.

If you would like to give a general donation we can assure you the money will be used to help the animals in the sanctuary. If you qualify Please also tick the gift aid box to increase your donation by 25%