Support our rabbit village

Support our rabbit village

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We always have a minimum of 80 rabbits at our Rabbit Village.
Did you know they are the most neglected pet?

We get a mix of strays, unwanted litters and incidents where the family are no longer interested. 

We also have many rabbits come in with easily treated health problems that owners aren’t willing to or cannot afford to pay for. 

We are appealing for donations to help with the upgrade and expansion of our existing village as there is never enough room for the rabbits coming in to us who are no longer wanted for a variety of reasons.

 Rabbits are one of the most neglected species as people think that a hutch with some straw/hay is all that is needed to give an adequate home. This of course is nonsense.

All rabbits are neutered and microchipped before leaving plus vaccinated against Myxomatosis and RHD/RHD2 which you will be contracted to keep up to date. The enclosure must be large enough for them to run, jump and play. 

PACT will not home rabbits to live alone.  If you are interested in rehoming one rabbit to join another or a pair of our rabbits please contact us in the first instance on
01362 820775 or email us.