Donation to help with veterinary costs

Donation to help with veterinary costs

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Donation to help with veterinary costs

Veterinary costs at PACT Animal sanctuary are always very substantial.  They neuter all rescue animals where appropriate and then make sure the animal is fit and healthy before being put up for re-homing. 

Ann our vet nurse with a patient

PACT have a veterinary unit where routine procedures can be carried out but more serious work has to be done at their vets.  Companion Care vets who deal with domestic and small animals and First Call Vets and Wensum Valley with large animals give them tremendous support and keep costs to a minimum but the fees are still very substantial and can only be paid because of the generosity of their supporters.  Without them the Sanctuary could not operate.

Maisie decided to play hard ball with shelter wall and broke her horn requiring immediate veterinary treatment

The ambulance is available 24/7 for  road traffic accidents which can result in seriously injured animals being admitted into PACT's care.  The costs can run into many hundreds of pounds.  These fees can only be paid because of the generosity of our supporters.  Without them the work cannot go on.

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