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Sponsor Princess
 Sponsor PrincessSponsor Princess 

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PACT animal charity will, where possible, dispatch sponsorship packs in time for the dates requested but please order as early as possible. 

Princess came to us as a very small, very pretty, Kune Kune.  She was dumped in a cardboard box outside Taverham Veterinary surgery in Norwich and brought to PACT by a very kind lady who had found her.  There is no such thing as a Micro pig as we all know but Princess is very small and probably the runt of the litter, she is now about one year old.  She is very friendly loves cuddles and tickles and just enjoys life.

The only problem is that because she is so friendly, we think she needs a friend, so until we rescue another Kune Kune like her we are going to site her sty with others, Jolly, Humphrey and Peony all around her.

Although she doesn’t yet have a special friend, we don’t think she will be lonely or bored as from her sty, which overlooks the carpark, Princess will be able to see all that goes on. In particular the dog walkers going to and from the new dog training paddock across the lane. Also, many of our visitors will want to say hello as she is such a pretty girl as they arrive in the carpark. 

Please adopt a pig to help the PACT wildlife animal sanctuary to carry on with their work.

Sponsor a pig or sponsor an animal as a ideal present for an animal/pig  loving friend for birthday gift, Christmas gift, and many other occasion, or just to say thank you.
This sponsorship gift would be ideal as a present for girls or presents for boys or of course a secret santa gift idea.

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