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Sponsor Ant

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About Ant

This is Ant with his best friend Dec.They are both very friendly and affectionate boys. It is very unusual for goats to have such a close bond - to have one goat allow another to share their succulent leaves, particularly if it is from an elder tree. There is only one other plant that goats prefer more than Elder and that is Bay Willow Herb, this plant mainly grows by the roadside bushes and has a mauve flower which the goats love.

Ant loves to spend his days sunbathing in his food bowl, grazing with Dec and chomping on fresh hawthorn branches!
The weather so far this summer has been quite wet and our goats have not been allowed to graze the paddock and the bushes which surround it because of the water. Goats come from dry hard ground countries and soon get foot rot if their feet are continually wet.
Until the sun comes out Ant and Dec will have to stay on the large concrete pad outside the goat house and that is where you will be able to find them on the open days in 2021.

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