Alfie The Misunderstood

Alfie the misunderstood.
This is Alfie, a beautiful Jack Russell cross who has a very complex personality.
You see Alfie has a long list of things he sadly did ‘wrong’ in his past marking him as an unpredictable dog.
When Alfie first came in, you could see why he was labelled it, get too close and Alfie would react in such a way he scared most people. But underneath Alfie’s hard exterior was a broken, scared, and anxious little dog who was desperate to be seen and to be heard.
Kennel life is hard for any dog but for anxious Alfie this is his own worst nightmare, its loud, its busy and Alfie is alone and scared. He hides in the corner of his kennel, backed away leg up- he is screaming I’m scared.
A kind hand comes in and takes Alfie from the kennels into a quiet office, and that’s where Alfie bloomed. He opened up, and showed what an incredibly sweet, cuddly and cheeky boy he is. But to finish his bloom he cannot stay here and that is why Alfie is on the hunt for the perfect adult only home.
Now let’s talk Alfie’s personality!
Alfie has typical Jack Russell traits along with his own quirks. All adding up to the loving little lad he is.
Out on walks Alfie is great 90% of the time, the other 10% is when Alfie gets either over stimulated and excited or when he gets anxious. Alfie can jump up when out on walks and grab at the lead in excitement. The other side is when he is anxious, Alfie doesn’t like strangers, and he definitely doesn’t like to be touched by someone who he doesn’t know, Alfie also finds it unnerving when strangers come over to talk and then leave without him. When Alfie gets anxious it can lead to him getting over stimulated and reacting by barking and spinning. Alfie also doesn’t like sudden or fast movements.
Alfie loves going for quiet walks over the road where we have a secure training field, its here Alfie can fully relax and enjoy life, he loves to play fetch, to run, to play and to relax with his carers. Alfie loves nothing more than to burn off some steam and the stresses of the day over the field.
Alfie needs an owner who is willing to spend time here at the sanctuary getting to know him, its going to take time, its going to be all on Alfie’s terms and you will need to learn his signs. Once you learn what Alfie is telling you, the trust and the bond can begin, and you will get to see the incredible dog he is.
Alfie has been spending a lot of his time in one of the offices here at the sanctuary and that’s where we learnt the most about him.
Alfie does suffer will separation anxiety, he will bark, scratch at the door, and sit by the window- we are working on this, but his new owners will have to continue this when he gets home.
He loves to cuddle, to have neck scratches and butt scratches. To sit beside you and enjoy your company. When he wants alone time, he takes himself off and settles nicely. Alfie is a wonderful dog who is a great companion, but we can’t stress this enough he needs someone who is willing to learn his signs, respect his space, be by his side when he needs you and to always have his back.
If you are an adult only home, with no other pets and limited guests please email us at with your Name, Number, Address, who you are interested in and a bit about yourself and lifestyle.