Important update regarding birds

4 May 2023

Gentle reintroduction of bird intakes
Our veterinary and wildlife team have been working alongside the correct authorities to write a strict protocol to ensure we can safely begin to start helping certain birds again.
We CANNOT accept:
🔴 Water Fowl
🔴 Adult Sea birds
🔴 Game birds
🔴 Kites
🔴 Buzzards
🔴 Peregrines
We CAN accept:
🟢 Ducklings
🟢 Goslings
🟢 Gull chicks (individually assessed)
🟢 Corvids (Rooks, Jackdaws, Magpies, Jays)
🟢 Pigeons
🟢 Doves
🟢 Passerines (Such as blackbirds/sparrows/starlings etc.)
🟢 Owls
🟢 Sparrowhawks
🟢 Kestrels
🟢 Swallows
🟢 House Martins
🟢 Swifts
If you find an injured bird in need of help, please do the following:
Call us. We will ask you a series of routine questions to determine if the bird has any symptoms of bird flu and if we are able to help.
We may ask you to send us a photo/video if further information is required.
For nestlings/fledglings, usual protocol applies (see for when to help baby birds)
Do not turn up to the sanctuary with a bird unless we have already spoken to you on the phone and confirmed we have isolation space.
We do not want to put our existing birds at risk and have to turn anyone away.
Any questions, as always feel free to contact us. Thank you.