Introducing the new trustees!

20 February 2023

The current trustees of PACT are delighted to announce the appointment of Philip Eke and Mimmo Di Giacomo to the Board of PACT Trustees.
These new board members both have extensive experience in leadership roles within the charity sector and their skills and expertise will be hugely beneficial to the charity going forwards.
The Board of Trustees now comprises:
- Mimmo Di Giacomo
- Philip Eke
- Sandra Lumbard
- Sarah Tate - Chair
- Dr Paola van Dijk
- Tina Wilde - Secretary
- David Wilkinson
- Toby Wright
We plan to publish more information on each of us in the coming weeks via our social media pages and Newsletter.
You are also able to contact us at, where we will be happy to hear your ideas, where you can help us by Volunteering, and fundraising for the animals in our care, or any other thoughts you may have.
We are also pleased to announce a new partnership with Underdog International who are funding and revitalising our animal therapy project for children. They have a wealth of experience in operating therapy programmes across the UK and internationally too. We will share more information with you in the very near future, but please take a look at the great works of Underdog on their website Underdog International (
The trustees are excited for the future of PACT and grateful for the continued support of our wonderful staff, volunteers and supporters