Willow - 5 Years Waiting

18 January 2021

Edit: 14.03.2021
Our gorgeous Willow finally went home.
Have you ever wondered what happened to that dog you gave up on? You know, the one you bought home as that perfect puppy…
Well, she sits here in her kennel for 16 hours alone and waiting for someone to come and get her.
She’s confused, she doesn’t understand why, she knows she shouldn’t have snapped but she tried to tell you she was uncomfortable, but you didn’t stop your child from climbing all over her and she didn’t know how to get her to stop, she gave you the signs, with her whale eyes, and her ears pinned back, she was uncomfortable, I need space she’s telling you. But you do not listen, you continue to allow your child to climb all over her, she growls, ''Get Off Me, I Am Uncomfortable''. She feels scared, she has communicated in all the ways she knows how too, and they have all been ignored. She is not listened too... and that is when it happened.
She snapped.
She snapped at the child. That was it, that’s enough and just like that she’s deemed a dangerous dog.
But you, you just did not listen to her, all the times she told you she was uncomfortable. Doesn’t she own the same respect of space as you or your child has? Would you allow someone to climb all over you?
So, now she sits here, in her kennel. Alone, confused, scared and missing home…
She only snapped as she felt it was the last resort to be heard, you did not protect her, you took advantage of her and you allowed your child to climb upon her like a climbing frame.
It has been years, 5 long years.
Kennel life is not easy, its loud, its fast and it has so many new and unsettling smells. It is seeing people for a small portion of the day and then waiting, a lot of waiting to see them again. She finds kennel life stressful; she has to be kennelled away from the main block as she doesn’t cope with the noise of it all. It turns her into a shaking, drooling mess.
You did this. You and everyone else who takes on a dog and just expects it to deal with your child’s bad behaviour. Because you didn’t teach your child the correct ways to behave around dogs, you didn’t teach your child to respect another animal’s space.
She has to be muzzled now, because she snapped. And that is what has stopped her from getting a forever home. Too many people have a false idea of a ‘perfect’ dog, she is perfect.
She is sweet, friendly, playful, obedient and is so eager to please, she will do whatever you say because she just wants love and attention. Her favourite thing to do is to have a cuddle, she could sit with you for hours, just cuddling.
She deserves a chance, her chance at a forever home. She has waited 5 years, do not let it be 6!
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