Chickens abandoned at our gate

18 January 2023

Chickens left at our gate!
Whilst we thank whoever did this for not dumping them somewhere they would struggle, you essentially put us in an unbearable situation.
With the current bird flu state, we have maxed out on any birds we have in. Every pen is set up with chickens, geese or ducks and made as safe as it can during the bird flu 'season'
We have nowhere for these four cockerels to go and now risk our current birds on site by taking in birds from an unknown source.
Cockerels, in normal times, are extremely hard to rehome. No one wants them. Even in the countryside they are deemed a noise nuisance (which is crazy really!)
With no set up prepared, we had to pull together to find an area further enough away from our other birds but secure enough.
They are safe. But its hardly ideal.
Please please do not dump birds (or any animal!) on us. It puts an unbearable strain on the sanctuary.
Moving forwards from this, we ask that if you have birds in need of help please contact our office on 01362 820775 whilst we are unable to help due to bird flu and lack of enclosures our office team have a list of sanctuaries who may have space and may have set ups ready in place.
We now desperately need funds for a quarantine area for our chickens (and future birds).
We recently had 1 new chicken enclosure built and a couple of houses within it, but that's only 1 enclosure and males can't be housed together due to fighting and so we need extra areas as our old ones are holding on by a thread!
We are looking to buy 4 new quarantine pens for our Chickens to start with so that we have a safe, secure area for any new bird to come into and spend its quarantine period away from our other birds.
If you can donate even a pound towards us building a set up we would be extremely grateful 🙏