Sponsor our Emus!

Sponsor our Emus!

Our Price:  £15.00

Say hello to Ezekiel (Zeke), Echo and Elmo - our three Emu's.

These three came to PACT after being rescued from a breeder who was keeping them in unsuitable conditions.

Zeke is the youngest of the three and is the most confident, however the other two are getting more and more curious by the day.

They love their grapes and kale and are often found gathered around a paddling pool on warmer days.

The Emu's live with our goats and alpaca, with access to a concrete paddock with shelter and a huge field (which is where they spend most of their time grazing)

By sponsoring our Emu's, you will help support the cost of their care at the sanctuary, recieve two high quality photos and a story each year alongside a certificate of sponsorship and a chance to meet them in the feathers!

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