When to Help Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs bought in unnecessarily causes tremendous stress & parasite burdens are amplified causing serious problems for the animal.
There is a lot of debate on winter survival weights for hedgehogs but here is some clarity from a collaborative view based on scientific data:
° No specific weight will guarantee survival
° If weight is the only concern they should be rescued at weights less than 450g in October - February
When NOT to rescue:
° Hedgehogs usually hibernate from late December BUT not all hedgehogs hibernate - it is not uncommon to still see hedgehogs out during winter evenings/nights.
° A small looking hedgehog may not be too small at all. If weight is the only concern you can weigh them on kitchen scales and if they are the correct weight put them back and leave food out for them (cat or dog food: non-fish flavour)
When to rescue:
° Hedgehogs out during the day (unless seems to have purpose is going somewhere!)
° Appears ill or is injured.
°Hedgehogs exhibiting unusual behaviour such as repetitive circling or 'chasing tail
° Laying flat (uncurled) or appearing very weak/wobbly
° Hedgehogs under 450g