Charley finally got her Christmas

Charley finally got her Christmas

Charley was one of PACT's longest residents. She had spent a total of six years in her kennel here.
She did have a whiff of being in a home, but it was short lived after the owners fell ill.
Found in Spain as a puppy, Charley was brought over to the UK. She soon caught a virus called Distemper which is thought to have damaged her brain which controls movement. As a result she can appear clumsy but is otherwise unaffected. This meant she had to be kept in isolation away from any other dogs, for 3 months.
Once she recovered she came to PACT. We soon discovered she had a condition called Cramp Syndrome which was due to a gluten intolerance. Thankfully this was easily treated by switching her to a grain-free diet.
Now Charley was healthy and happy we thought this was her chance - but life just got worse.
Charley began to lose hair from her face, neck and shoulders. Her feet and tail would itch so intensely that she would chew them. Eventually her tail needed to be amputated due to the damage.
Blood tests revealed she was suffering from Leishmaniasis – an incurable disease caused by a parasite – uncommon in the UK but very common in Spain where she was born.
Charley was placed under intensive medical treatment to get the symptoms under control.

Throughout everything Charley remained a happy, loving and playful girl. She would always give the best cuddles and was a top student in her training sessions.
We tried desperately to find her a home but it was difficult to find the perfect person who had no young children, other pets and would be happy to take on her medical history (although PACT financially cover her ongoing health issues vet care)

We are so happy that Charley finally found her forever home in December 2020. She was able to spend her first, proper Christmas with a loving family.
We miss her every day but knowing she's in a warm home is the best gift we could ask for.