Therapy room We have the dedicated therapy room where we work regularly with small groups of people with complex needs to provide an enriching environment where we are able to have small mammals for people to groom and work with. This is a large bright room which has a large window with a view into the cockatiel aviary which can be stimulating to people with sight problems and provides a bird’s eye view into the life of the cockatiels. It provides a stimulus to some of our volunteers which has benefits to confidence development. We can hold talks in this room and during the summer months is our open day café.   

Cat Cuddle Room is a cosy room for our cats and volunteers to use to just sit down relax and enjoy the company of some of our farm cats. Many of our volunteers find this a relaxing space and enjoy spending time bonding with cats and having a cuddle.

Rodent Room This is where we house all our rescue rodents. Many of our volunteers that use the therapy centre enjoy feeding and cleaning the rodents as it is a quiet enclosed space.  

The Stables We have two stables in the centre that normally house some of our farm animals that need extra care, this could be sheep, goats, or the occasional farm bird. This provides an opportunity for helpers to muck out and clean and feed the resident animals.

The kennels We have two kennels is home to two of our rescue dogs, these dogs can be walked, groomed, and be cleaned by volunteers.

The Bird Aviaries. We have two large bird aviaries which house our exotic birds these included cockatiels and budgies. People can work in these aviaries and experience the birds flying around them. They can also help clean and feed them. It provides a unique opportunity for people to have a hands-on experience with the birds.