Keep them Calm - Fireworks

How to keep your pets calm during fireworks

  • Keep your dogs and cats indoors when fireworks are being let off and exercise before dark.

  • Close all windows, doors and cat or dog flaps and draw the curtains to block flashing lights.

  • Provide a quiet place with a cosy bed and lots of blankets to hide under.
    A cage covered in blankets is ideal.

  • Switch on the radio, television or play music to disguise the noise from the fireworks.

Don't get angry with your pet for acting frightened stay calm and act normally and praise your pet for remaining calm. Ignore fearful behaviour such as panting or whining. Do not over fuss them but divert their attention as they will only worry more if they sense that you are concerned.
Remember animals can become aggressive when scared so keep young children away and give your pet space.

Ask your vet about Pet Remedy or Feliway which can help your pet when scared or insecure.

Remember that small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs need to be kept safe too.

  • Move them into a shed, garage or even into the house but remember that if they are not use to central heating and will need to live outside again - don't expect them to adjust to being kept warm and then live outside in the cold again.

  • Give your pet extra bedding to burrow into. 

  • If you cannot move the accommodation turn it to face a wall and cover with a thick blanket to muffle the noise but make sure there is adequate ventilation.