Geoffrey and Lebowski

Geoffrey and Lebowski
 Geoffrey and LebowskiGeoffrey and Lebowski 

Dear Rabbit Care Staff at PACT

We thought we would write to let you know how we are getting on at our new home now we have been there for a whole week. We were a bit shy when Mum put the pet carrier down in our garden and opened the door but a sliver of carrot soon tempted us out when we were ready to explore. We spent two whole days being very excited and galloping around our new house and enclosure – we love it here and ate as much of the grass as possible as soon as we could! By the third day we were a bit tired from all the exploring so we found a lovely spot to relax on the shelf in the house. We like to watch what our humans are up to from the window there whilst we catch up with a bite of hay and a nice nap.

Mum and the girls bring us a lovely buffet from the garden each day – My favourite is Fennel leaves (Lebowski) and mine is… Everything (Geoffrey)!! Mum thinks she might need to reduce Geoffrey’s rations a little bit as he keeps helping himself to my grub and is getting a bit plump round the middle.  The girls are lovely and gentle with us – we love hopping over to see them in our enclosure every day - they hang out with us and make funny things from willow and hazel sticks for us to play with. Mum and the big girl are cleaning our house and brushing us every day – we have to spend ages rearranging our fur in just the way we like it afterwards though as we’re far too neat when they’re finished!

Thank you so much for looking after us when we were at PACT – and please say hello to our old next door neighbors Maple and Cooper. We hope they can find a lovely new home soon too.  We’ll keep in touch and let you know how we are getting on every so often.

Lots of love Geoffrey and Lebowski xx