Happily Ever Afters

Happily Ever Afters

We love recieving updates on how our animals are getting on in their new homes and we especially love seeing photos. If you have a story you would like to share on a PACT animal you have rehomed, please send it to

07/02/2021 Emily: Emily came into us in 2018 and after many attempts at finding her forever home no one ever came forward. We always believe the perfect home is out there and sometimes it takes a little while to find the perfect match! We are over the moon to say our Emily found her happy ever after.

15/11/2020 Nora: Nora was dumped outside a pet store left in a cardboard box but we are over the moon to say shes found her forever home!
Here she is relaxing in her new wonderful home, we couldn't be happier for her.

09/11/2020 Morris: "We just wanted to give you an update on our lovely lurcher Morris (formerly Maverick), who we brought home from you just over a year ago. He's turned in to the most loving, affectionate and funny boy, who we just couldn't imagine being without. I've attached a photo of him in his new autumn jumper, which he absolutely loves - he's a sucker for anything warm and soft."

30/10/2020 Willow - "The lovely Juanita (now called willow) has settled in to her new home very well. It took Reggie about 2 months to get used to her and properly accept her as he’s been on his own for so long, but now they snuggle for most of the day. She absolutely adores him. Whilst still quite a nervous bunny she’s slowly coming out of her shell, doing binkies when it’s time for food, starting to appreciate head strokes as much as Reggie does, and even gets groomed by my cat.Thanks again for allowing me to give a forever home to this wonderful girl and enabling Reggie to realise some company can actually be nice!"

25/10/2020 Norman:  "Hi, hope you're all well. I just wanted to give you an update on Norman! From the moment we saw his little inquisitive face, we all fell in love with him! He has settled in well & now living with Daisy, Hunney & Nugget (Holly). He is such a gorgeous boy & so cuddly, like a little teddy bear - he'd quite happily sleep on our laps all day if he could!"

04/10/2020 Sid: " I just wanted to say that Sid dug straight into Ziwipeak loving it to the point I had to leave 2 bowls out. So proud of him to try it so soon seeing as my girls took months! He's such a smart and lovely boy so I understand why he's being missed. He's been running around dooking all the while, favourite thing to play with is blankets being dragged about and a small rattley mouse which he takes everywhere with him. Thank you for always keeping us updated and letting us have this handsome boy!"