Ralph One Year On

Ralph One Year On
Ralph One Year OnRalph One Year OnRalph One Year On

Ralph - One Year

The 20th January marked the one year anniversary of Ralph's "Gotcha Day" when we drove to PACT to collect him and bring him home. Although the year has flown by, it's been full on too.

Ralph regularly has walks at Sandringham, Castle Rising, and daily in the village too. His favourite place is the woods where there are huge sand pits where he does zoomies!

He's been one of the "Dogs At Polling Stations" on Twitter, when he posed outside the village hall while his hoomans cast their votes in the local election. He's visited beaches - Holkham, Heacham, Snettisham to name a few. In the summer, family members came to visit for a day and he spent lots of time at the beach with Andrew's niece, doing zoomies into and out of the water.

Ralph has visited his grandma in Kent for the first time where he was treated like royalty - special food, lots of cuddles, and loads of presents. He also went to see his Nan and Grandad in Bedfordshire where the same thing happened - he was spoilt!

Christmas came, and he had lots of presents. These were from his hoomans, from his Gran and his Nan and Grandad, and from Andrew's sister. He really enjoyed opening presents and enjoys the toys even more so.

Toys are essential - Ralph plays with them every single day, and there must be at least one toy in every room in the house now. In the cold weather, he loves nothing more than laying in front of the fire after a walk, or curling up on a blanket on one of his hoomans' laps.

Ralph's made some friends while out on walks, in particular two Border Terriers. If Ralph is out in the front garden with us and they come past, he says hello to them at the gate, runs off to get a toy and takes it down to the gate to show them it and does zoomies until they have to go.

Ralph's favourite treat is still some diced carrot which he has after his dinner. Very occasionally he's treated to a "Puppacino" from Starbucks.

When his hoomans are working from home, he does love to sneak a cuddle in and curl up on their laps as they type at the computer. His training is going well, and he's now happy to be left at home for short periods of time with no problems. He knows his commands - sit, paw, kiss, wait, drop it, and so on. And his off lead has come on really well too - he loves getting off lead at the park and playing ball. He soon lets you know when he's ready to have the lead back on and head for home though - he won't drop the ball at your feet any more!

We LOVE having Ralph in our lives so thank you PACT for the opportunity and let's hope there's many more years like the first one.