We have many peacocks here at PACT and whilst we absolutely love them, their numbers have grown so much in the last few years!
Peacocks are truly lovely to see and to hear.

Our rehoming requirements for peacocks consist of-
- They Must have 3-4 acres minimum

- No neighbours within 400 yards as they are noisy, especially during mating season. (March to July)
- You must have somewhere to enclose them for a minimum of 4 weeks to settle and then slow release onto your site.
The enclosed area must be big enough so they can move freely so as not to cause damage to their tails
- Once released they must be fed (A handful of grain, to ensure they stay, if they are not fed, they will wander)

Peacocks are extremely hard to catch once in a open area, so it's important they are kept enclosed long enough and continued to be fed once released to stay 'home'

If you have a suitable space or know of someone/Business/Hall that can accommodate some peacocks please get in touch and speak to David our farm manager.

Contact info is 01362 820775 or if you rather email