Jordan & Steffie

Jordan & Steffie

Unfortunately taking in stray rabbits is not unheard of, every month we have at least 1 stray rabbit in.
Sometimes they have escaped, but more often than not they have clearly been dumped.
Rabbits are unfortunately one of the most neglected pets in the UK
From living in tiny, unsuitable hutches to being ‘released back into nature’ - ‘Releasing’ a pet rabbit is a death sentence.

Jordan, a male ginger and white Dutch and Steffie, a female lionhead are the sweetest little duo who were found outside Norwich by a dog walker. Luckily they were cared for overnight by a supporter of ours. Unfortunately this wasn't just a simple 'rabbits dumped in a field' situation. When they arrived and recieved a health check by our vet, it was clear Jordan was in quite a state. He had a maggot infested wound on his back which needed urgent care. He was extremely lucky our vet surgeon was in and was able to give him the immediate treatment he so desperately needed. We were certain he would not have made it through the surgery but we wanted to try and are so glad we did.
Our vet said "Had he been left a day longer he most likely would have died."

Thankfully Steffie was ok besides a very bad flea infestation. Neither were microchipped but Steffie was neutered so had clearly been cared for at some point. A very sad story but fortunately a happy ending as these two now have a lovely forever home as indoor bunnies.

Jordan and Steffie (now Fred and Fifi) in their loving new home.