The Maurice Sparkes Wildlife Site

Next to our wildlife hospital we have an area of woodland containing a large pond. This pond is extremely important in the rehabilitation process of our water fowl species as it acts as a ‘soft-release’ sight. Birds such as ducklings, geese and swans are released onto this area when they are ready to go back to the wild. It helps them to regain strength whilst still being fed daily and closely monitored before they fly off themselves or are released elsewhere by our wildlife team.
Though the pond was designed for our wildlife casualties, that doesn’t stop others choosing to visit. We see many other wild species on the pond such as moor hens and herons.

The Late Duckling

Our world is getting warmer and our climate is changing - in all our time rescuing wildlife we have never had a duckling in so late (December 2020). This poor little duckling was rescued as an egg by a kind lady who noticed it wasn’t in the nest unlike the others. She took the egg home and kept it warm until it hatched. The duckling is being kept warm, snuggly and well fed in our wildlife hospital and enjoying his paddling pool. He will be kept here until it’s warm enough and he’s older. He is growing stronger every day and is such a cheeky character.