Found a hedgheog? Click here to quickly diagnose if it needs our help

One of our most common patients at the wildlife hospital is hedgehogs. During spring/summer we get hoglets and juveniles who have been found orphaned or injured, often needing hand rearing. During autumn/winter we see adults or juveniles who have not been able to put on enough weight for a safe hibernation.

2019 was our toughest year on record for Hedgehogs. We received a record breaking amount of almost 600 - with some juveniles coming in under 200g late in December. This could have been due to weather changes from climate change, making hedgehogs remain active later in the year resulting in late autumn/winter litters or peoples gardens being less 'wildlife friendly'.
Young, underweight hedgehogs need extra special attention during winter as they will not survive the cold and their little bodies cannot deal with the health issues an adult or decent size hedgehog (600g+) would usually deal with in the wild.

Hedgehogs rely on us humans to survive so please watch our video below for some tips on how you can help our spikey friends.

We are looking for volunteers to foster some of our many hedgehogs this winter!.
This will massively help us make space In our wildlife hospital for emergency patients.
We have many hedgehogs that have gone through their routine treatment and now simply just need a temporary home to gain enough weight for release!.
Check out the foster requirements below and simply send us a photo of your set up via facebook private message or to
Please include:
  • Contact details, photo of set up, how many you can foster
    Confirmation that you reach the set requirements


  • Own Transport and live within 30 minutes of PACT
  • Able to provide enough time each day to clean, feed and monitor the hedgehog(s)
  •  Happy to provide food and bedding materials needed
  • Suitable Hedgehog enclosures; secure and a minimum of approx. 24 inches 2 and 12 inches in height; a hutch, hamster cage or sealed plastic tub with ventilation holes can be used.
  • Happy to bring the hedgehog back to PACT as/when required
  • Can provide a suitable space to keep the hedgehogs in; a room indoors or out-house with heating, must not be cold.
  • Hedgehogs must be away from any loud noises i.e. TV etc
  • Must be kept away from domestic pets